The Fatwa Life Cycle

In case someone poses the curious inquiry on the nature of fatwas and the ways they come to be in Islam.

I believe the chart is somewhat self-explanatory, yet have it broken down textually as follows:

  1. A problem has been identified, based on the context and the need to comply with requirements of the Shari’a establishing a regulation (hukm) on a certain issue [e.g ‘One is not sure whether he passed wind during the prayer, what shall he do?‘].
  2. In case religious knowledge (‘ilm) of the requester is not found sufficient to solve it,
  3. Identification of authority [a ‘mufti‘] is due.
  4. Inquiry is submitted [online, face-to-face, through mail, etc.].
  5. Then it is validated by authority [‘Is that a valid, legitimate question?’].
  6. The identified solution issued by the religious authority, is the fatwa itself.
  7. Implementation of solution remains outside of the scope of the fatwa authority and documentation.

Or the same thing in a different view:

The source drawing as the raw input is also embedded.