Some Things are Irredeemable, Let’s Do Arabic Calligraphy Instead

Some almost unbeknownst people offered unwanted favours to me with helping publish my Cyber-Islam and online fatwas book a while ago.

Today the above mentioned tried to call me while I’ve been driving all day.

Obviously, I was not immediately available, especially on weekends. That ship for me has sailed long ago. Then saw some personal offences in private messages. I replied kindly back that I’m not a 24×7 call center support and can revert a call in a reasonable time slot next day. Then I was blocked immediately by that person after some more offences on my way. So much for unsolicited favour offers and online communications etiquette.

I shrugged and did some calligraphy exercises over a difficult Arabic fa’ in the Thuluth script.

Some deficiencies, at the end of the day, cannot be redeemed even by my generally generous stretch of patience.