Snippets of a Quarantine

Quarantine photos should have an end.

Photos of thrown gloves, gloves of latex, gloves of canvas, gloves blue, gloves grey, gloves white, empty shop stalls, sunrises and sunsets, days gloomy and sunny, quarantine mornings and evenings, quarantines lonely and with friends, Corona beers and white wines, meats and salads, books and films, buttons, desperate toys, shoes, cards and toilet paper, shadows and lights. broken Buddhas, graffiti, fences and shopping carts, aliens and eggs, snow and rain, full parks and empty playing grounds, panic and indifference, spilt ink, sausages as bookmarks, illegal crossings and legal do-nothings, intact kaleidoscopes and broken mannequins, food eaten and food thrown out, countless hours in front of PC and quick goings out, books read and not read.

All should come to an end.