Exakta 24mm f2.8 macro: a gem of street photography

No sun, only fog, mud and melting snow here. Some good time with another fav buddy of mine: the much underestimated Exakta 24mm f2.8 full manual lenses, with an A switch for aperture control from the body, produced somewhere in the 1980s. An ideal focus length on a crop body for street photography [my top fav ever, the manual Pentax 50mm SMC f1.7 is a bit too long on a crop body]. 5 aperture blades, nicely damped focus ring, and a very likeable feature: a close focus, not a true macro, yet more than convenient for close ups of objects.
Very similar, if not a rebranded version of the Cosina 24mm macro, as well appearing under the Miranda brand. Photos taken mostly wide open, ISO 400, on a Pentax K20D DSLR body.

More details can be found here.